How Do You Measure Success?

When you think about success, what exactly comes to your mind? Do you see lots of money? Do you see fancy cars and big houses? It is true that monetary success allows you to be able to acquire some of these materialistic things, but there’s a lot more to success than simply wealth.

Allen WeinsteinAllen Weinstein is an 80 year old self-made man who battled many challenges in life. He is the author of ‘Memoirs of a Learning Disabled Dyslexic Multi-Millionaire’ and as you can read in his book’s title, he is dyslexic. If you are not familiar with dyslexia, it is a reading disorder and it affects people in various degrees. Allen grew up going to school in the 50s when learning disorders were completely oblivious to the world. Terms such as “stupid” and “least likely to succeed” were things that Allen heard very often as a kid in school. He actually was not able to read until he was 13 years old. Pretty incredible when you think that someone who was voted the least likely to succeed in his high school class became the most successful of them all!

In the video below, Allen Weinstein points out something very important. As I stated in the opening paragraph of this post, “there’s a lot more to success than simply wealth.” Take two minutes of your time to watch Allen’s video and I guarantee that you will see success from a completely different view.

Some of my personal favorite quotes from Allen Weinstein:

“The similarity between success and failure is one’s state of mind.”

“Appreciate what you have rather than agonize over what you do not have.”

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