The Benefits Of Pressurized Room Dividers For NYC Apartments

Let’s face it, young professionals, just starting out, are quickly finding it difficult to find a decent apartment in NYC nowadays. Most of the apartments are very pricey which means that someone just starting out can’t afford to live there. Of course, landlords aren’t going to reduce their rent or they won’t be able to cover their own expenses, thus, a vicious circle is begun. There’s a very easy solution however, it’s called apartment sharing. When you share an apartment you can find a very nice apartment that is half the cost. That is of course as long as the person sharing it with you pays their share. However, you may lose a lot of your personal space when you share an apartment. This is when pressurized walls help.  

A pressurized wall divider is a temporary wall that is made from quality materials. It will separate one room from another or in some cases, divide a room right down the middle (or wherever it’s placed). It can accommodate as much or as little space as you desire. These walls will also help to keep the noise level down from the outside environment. Pressurized means that the wall is held up by pressing against the ceiling and the floor and in some cases, the studs of the walls that are already in existence in the apartment. They can easily be installed and removed without causing any damage to the existing walls in the NYC apartment.

Pressurized walls are very sturdy and very similar in construction to regular permanent walls.You can hang pictures from these walls and count on the privacy that they afford just like any other wall in your home. They are excellent at helping to reduce noise levels and adding privacy to your home They are comfortable and both sides of the wall can be used to hang things on. They are easy to afford and can be found on the regular market. You can have them installed by the company that makes them. You’ll easily pay for the wall within your first few payments.

* Temporary wall installation pictures courtesy of Wall 2 Wall NY (follow them on Facebook).

While most landlords don’t like making alterations to apartments, they don’t seem to mind pressurized walls. Most landlords have already pre-approved them as they don’t alter the structure in any way. They won’t affect the resale value of the apartment in any way, shape or form. Pressurized walls offer a lot of benefits to apartment dwellers.

Thus, temporary or pressurized walls are very popular in NYC and other areas where housing is very limited. They come with a variety of advantages and offer privacy to someone who wouldn’t have privacy without the walls. Now that you know how they work and what you can anticipate from them you can go find an apartment to rent and know that you’ll still be able to have some privacy even if you have to share an apartment with someone else. Pressurized walls have opened up many new opportunities for those who would otherwise have to make longer commutes.